Staff's Favourite Gold Coast Tips

Charlotte, UK
28 Apr

Staff’s Favourite Gold Coast Tips – Charlotte, UK

To help us get a good variety of tips and ideas about things to do on the Gold Coast, we will be doing a ‘Staff Favourites’ series. Our first interview is with the hostels number one cleaner, Charlotte, 23 years old from Newquay, Cornwall in the UK.

Role at the Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort:

Part-time legend and a cleaner

What makes you an important asset to the Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort?

I have the most infectious laugh which makes everyone else laugh. And also, I think I am kind of a bit like a mum. I look after everyone and I have to tell them all off so that’s why I think I am a little bit important.

What’s your favourite thing about living at Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort?

There is always something funny or exciting happening no matter what. Even if you feel sad, within an hour something will happen and you will be laughing.

Where is the best nightclub to dance the night away?

It’s going to have to be Underground Nightclub.

What’s your favourite bar for a chilled out, afternoon drink?

Walrus Social House, happy hour is from 5-7pm and they do $5 glasses of wine.

What’s your go to eatery that serves up a great hangover cure?

A $6 Breaky Roll from Chickery Chick (10 minute walk from the hostel) without a doubt.

Do you have a special dish you like to cook up in a hostel kitchen?

My cheap one is Fried potatoes, it’s an alternative to noodles and it’s just as cheap.

What’s your go to rainy day activity on the Gold Coast?

A visit to Pac Fair (Pacific Fair Shopping Centre), I’ve got lost inside there twice. And it’s really cute where you can sit on those little cabanas by the fountains.

If you wake up to a voice in your head saying #TreatYoSelf what do you do for the day on the Gold Coast?

Aqua Splash! (An open water fun park that operates during the summer)

Where’s your favourite place to eat out on the Gold Coast?

It’s got to be house of brews. It’s the best food. It’s expensive but it’s worth every cent.

What’s your favourite beach on the Gold Coast?


If you didn’t have to think about money, what would be your number one activity to do on the Gold Coast?

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t know, can you skydive over the Gold Coast?

Yep you can, over the airport actually. I have heard it’s really nice. You get views of the hinterlands, beach and city.

Ok then, it would be skydiving!

Back to reality, what’s your number one activity on the Gold Coast on a backpacker’s budget?

I would get one of the free body boards from the hostel and go to the beach!

Your parents turn up for a day, where do you take them?

If money isn’t an issue, probably Hurricanes Restaurant because you get the great views, or the surf club, that’s nice as well. They’re not party animals so they’d probably want to go to the Hillsong Church down the road!

Ok let’s change it up a bit then, where would you take your first tinder date on the Gold Coast?


Ha! For the $5 wine, right?

Haha yep, exactly!

How does the Gold Coast tinder scene compare to other areas?

Well, for me personally, I don’t like muscly men. So it’s a let down because everyone is really buff here. But! If you stretch towards Coolangatta and Burleigh, you find some beauties down that way!

Is there anything else you would like to share with your loved ones back home?

I would say I miss you mum, but I’m having too much fun!

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